Brand Strategy

@The communication Capital we believe that the only way we can craft an impactful strategy is through immersing ourselves in the client’s brand, their challenges and the competitive space they find themselves in. Our strategic thinking is influenced by our passion for problem solving.


The Communication Capital has been in the process of recruiting the best design talent in the country and the continent. We are convinced that the work we have been producing is amongst the best in the world and clarity is how we rate ourselves on all our creative work.

The Great Experience (TGE)

‘The Great Experience’ is our activation platform. We believe in creating great experiences that generate leads for all our partners. Through TGE we have activated brands, spaces and places within the tourism ecosystem.

Community Track

For the longest time community media platforms have been the poor cousin of media spend, this is mainly because of the lack of a cohesive reporting system that could assist buyers and strategists to justify value as well as ROI for every penny spent. The Communication Capital has been engaging with community Radio forums as well as the MDDA to test our community media sales system that will allow for a smooth tracking of campaigns through generating reports that will show details on reach and impact.

Research Promotion and Dissemination

As The Communicational Capital we pride ourselves in our ability to understand and break up complicated numbers, graphs, big jargon and translate these into short attractive bite size information packs that are easy to consume and comprehend.

Responsible Communication/CSI

The Communication Capital has vowed to be a socially active media agency. We are passionate about public education and community upliftment. We generate the most impactful CSI strategies, we are also involved with organisations such as Aware.org, Nelson Mandela Children’s Foundation and the Gauteng Community Safety department.